Meet – MC DJ MOG

MC DJ MOG ( real name #Scott Oluwagbenga Uyiosasere Ogunseri) Start making waves since 2003 after the death of his Elder brother & menthol DJ Prince MOG (Real name Steve Efosa Ogunseri). MC DJ MOG is a creative entertainer that does is thing in a sensational way,that makes his fans and  multinationals want him to always be a Host to there programmes. He has performed at some of the Biggest Concert in South South Nigeria & he is currently working into breaking into the International music scene. Until you see Sensational MC DJ MOG in action,one would not be able to fully appreciate what is meant whe he always say ‘” Signature of Originality”” it is in fact a God giving Talent. The origin of his stage name is to keep on the memory of a beloved blood brother. Experience in traveling has giving him opportunities to manage music projects & Tour. MC DJ MOG is a brand you can always call upon to help promote your brand & give your event a class.
Contact MC DJ MOG
Mobile :: 07033993175
Whatsap:: 08185293915

 ROPC 2020

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