Meet These Two Lovely Birds As They Share Their Love Story

Remember the pre wedding pictures between an army officer and her boo that caused a stir online? Well the couple in a recent interview decided to share their love story and the idea behind the shoot.  He said:

“We’ve known each other since we were kids and I have always been fond of her, we started dating in the year 2000. In 2005 we had a misunderstanding and we parted ways, contrary to what people may think about uniform women, they are very emotional and aren’t that really different from your everyday girl. After eight years of  casual friendship , on February 14th 2016 I gave her a call and the rest is history. I’ve always known deep inside that she would be the woman I would marry.

About the pre wedding pictures, firstly we never imagined they would attract the kind of attention they did. Funny enough we took about five different sets of pictures and that was the only one she was on uniform. We just wanted to try something different and funny , its funny  to see different kind of reactions coming from the photos . Those pictures represents how lively , jovial ,accommodating ,understanding and friendly our marriage will be, it wasn’t intended to belittle the force or the men and women who give their lives everyday for a safer Nigeria neither was it intended to make the Military look superior to the Civilians. It was just us having fun , Everyday people come up with different concepts for pre wedding shoots, this was ours and we love it .

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