‘I’ll Reject $100,000 to feature in a secular song’ – Fast-rising Gospel artiste, T.Moss reveal


Fast-rising Gospel artiste, Osho Oluwatobi AKA T.Moss is no dout becoming a force to reckon with in the industry. He is a talented and anointed Worship minister.
  In an interview With Sahara Weekly, he spoke on how music started for him, his plans, and many more.
Q – Can we meet you?
 R – I’m Osho Oluwatobi, also Known as T.Moss. A graduate of covenant University and i’m a Gospel artiste
 Q – What is music to you?
 R – Music is life to me, I believe the only element that was created in heaven by God is music, it’s a very powerful tool in accessing the deep spiritual realms and the supernatural and that is why the devil is capitalizing on the tool called music to influence the lives of our youth today, what you see and hear consistently is what you become
 Q – How and when did music start for you?
R – It started at the age of 9. I joined the adult church choir at that age, started backing up for praise and worship then from there, one of the Sundays I was asked to lead the praise and worship and it was very awesome. People applauded me. I felt so fulfilled even though it was just praise and worship.
After some time, One of our church Member who later became a music producer, Adejumo Omotayo AKA Rocky Tee, he is the CEO of Platforms record, helped me a lot to build my music ministry. I recorded my first song titled ‘ You Lift Me’ with him and also did other songs like I Give All, Eyin Baba, Osuba, to mention a few.
 Furthermore, Someone that also helped me grow in my music was my secondary school Music teacher, Mr Jegede. He started everything in me, he had interest in me the first day he heard me sing, even though I didn’t know he was watching me. He put me in the school choir and everything started from there.
 Q – While growing up, did you ever envisage being a full time Musician?
 R – Yes, i’ve always known. There was a time in church when I was around 11 years old, the pastor told us to close our eyes and whatever we see is what we will become in future. I closed my eyes and saw myself standing in front of thousands of people singing and leading them in worship and by God’s grace, everything is coming into fulfillment.
 Q – Why Gospel Music?
 R – I believe the reason we have music in the first place is ‘cos God created it in heaven. I’ve always had this passion and the zeal to use the gift for God and inspire other people who are coming up so they can also believe that the special gift given to them is from God and should be used for him. I find joy in ministering and inspiring people.
 Q – Do you feel Gospel artistes are well appreciated compared to secular artistes?
R – No! Of course in Nigeria, Gospel artistes are not well appreciated because of the way the industry has been designed. The industry is designed just to favour the secular artistes. You want to invite a secular artiste to come and perform at your wedding for just 30mins, You pay him N6Million but you invite a gospel artiste and start negotiating. I’m not saying the motive of the gift is for money but what i’m saying is in this part of the world, we are not well appreciated.
 Q – If you were given $100,000 to feature in a secular song, would you?
 R – No, I won’t. It’s like selling the reason I live for money, I won’t by the help of the holy spirit.
Q – Looking at the industry today, a lot of artistes are on the rise, some with content and some with less content, what stands you out?
 R – What stands me out is very simple. The first thing is the grace of God and the second thing is uniqueness which comes with a lot of hard work. We’ve not even started, we’ve not gotten to the place wants us to be.
Q – Let’s talk about your song with Kenny Kore, how does it feel working with him?
 R – Yea! My song with Kenny Kore, Atobajaiye, very awesome and wonderful song. I thank God for the. People God use to bring the song into a reality from being a vision. I thank God for the CEO of Kharisma Records, California. God uses him powerfully. It was awesome but some of my fans were of the suggestion that they would have preferred a worship song and we are planning towards that presently. Very soon, we are going to plan a worship medley and people are going to be blessed.
   Working with Kenny Kore on that song was an awesome experience for men i’ve always loved his music, he is unique. He does different genre of Music, when the opportunity came, Pastor Promise Adeyemi just spoke to me and asked ‘Tobi, who do you want to work with’ the first person that came to my mind was kenny Kore. It’s an experience i’ll never forget.
Q – What inspired the song?
R – the inspiration behind the song is we serve a Great God who rules over everything, created man, mighty God so I was just meditating on the greatness of God when the rhythm came and that was it.
  Q – Who are those you look up to in the ministry?
 R – I look up to a lot of people both home and abroad. The people God is using mightily when it comes to Gospel Music. I look up to Nathanie Bassey, Sinach, Sammy Okposo, Onos, Efe Nathan, Florocka, those who understand what ministry and music is all about. Across Nigeria, I look up to Micah Stampey, Isreal Houston, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett, J.Moss. J.moss especially influenced my style of music, I fell in love with him on the first day I listened to him.
 Q – What should your fans expect in 2017?
 R – They should be looking out for spirit filled songs, songs that heal without laying hands, by the help of the holy spirit. I pray God gives us the grace to complete the work. God bless all my fans, they are all amazing
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