FAYOSE’s Girl Friend Made Away With 75m Naira (PA in Trouble)

BREAKING NEWS: Fayose’s Girlfriend Absconds with N75m, P.A in Trouble!

Governor Fayose’s girlfriend has absconded with his N75m (Seventy -five million naira) kept with her in the government House.

Olota News Review learnt that the incident took place on Christmas eve,December 24, 2016. The lady in question is one of the favourites of the Governor whom he has dated for a long time hence he trusted her.
The lady has a whole chalet and official car dedicated to her in the government house, hence she can go out anytime she likes because she is Oga’s favourite.
On learning that the lady has absconded with a whopping N75 million naira, Fayose was mad with everybody working at the government house and threatened to sack his PA, one Omosilade from Afao Ekiti. Some  Fayose’s aides and civil servants working in the government house were grumbling after the revelation saying that he is a wicked person who can afford to play with N75 million naira with a girlfriend but refused to pay  workers’ salary and pensioners’ allowances but hide under stomach infrastructure to make billions while he deceives the common people with a kongo of rice, N200, cutting of ponmon and meat in the market and buying pepper and tomatoes in the market which he doesn’t need! It is because of the need to cover up  these incidents that made Fayose embarked on operation “Flush Out Civil Servants From The Government House”.
This is the second time in less than two months that a lady would abscond with Fayose’s money. Another girlfriend of his also absconded with an undisclosed amount of money about two months ago. The lady was also lodged in the government house with a vehicle given to her which she drove herself. The lady dropped the car key with a female Commissioner in the State Civil Service Commission and bolted with the money! Fayose was so mad with female Commissioner for being so daft to accept the car keys from the lady and consequently ordered her to be evicted from the government house warning he never wanted to see her near the government house again! The December eve incident followed the same pattern.
The whereabouts of the lady with cool N75m cash remains unknown for now but our usual reliable source will give us the name and background of the latest Fayose-made millionaire while Olota News Review will keep you posted.

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