Breaking News :- I Must Marry My Two Fiancee ( Man From Delta State)

A man who is set to get married to his two fiancees on the same day has set the social media ablaze after he released the pre-wedding photos of himself and the two women who seem very contented as they prepare to say I Do to him at the same time.

The lucky groom, Daniel Etoroma, a native of Orie-Irri in the Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, according to a post made by one of his friends, MC Udeke, will be getting married to the two ladies on Saturday, September 30, 2017.

MC Udeke who also posted the pre-wedding photographs of the intending groom and his brides, said that Etoromi, also known as Akalaka, has done all the necessary rites and the much-anticipated marriage said to be the first of its kind in that parts, is set to attract a lot of crowds as the people look forward to it.

Daniel Etoromi and his two pretty brides  (Facebook)

This is what MC Udeke wrote on his Facebook wall:

“It will happen live and direct at Orie-Irri as Mr. Daniel Etoroma aka AKALAKA, humbly invites you to his wives excursion ceremony on Saturday 30th September 2017.”

In another post still on the wedding, MC Udeke wrote again:

“Join my brother Mr. Daniel Etoroma aka AKALAKA on Saturday 30th September 2017 as he humbly celebrates his wives excursion ceremony.”

This is not the first time a Nigerian man would be getting married to two women at the same time. In 2016, a 30-year-old man in Nasarawa State, Isiaka Dahiru, got wedded to two women, Rashida and Khadija, claiming that he loved them in equal measure.

Daniel Etoromi and his brides are all set for their great day  (Facebook)

Speaking of the marriage, Dahiru who said he had been dating Rashida before divorcing his first wife, said:

“I have been dating one of the wives, Rashida, before I divorced my first wife. My life ambition was to marry only two wives. But after the divorce, I met Khadija at my workplace and I fell in love with her.

There is a good understanding among us. They call themselves sisters, eat together on the same plate. They are just sisters. I love them both with equal degree.

Daniel Etoromi is not deterred by what people say as he gets set for his double wedding  (Facebook)

They showed me deep love and care too. They possess everything I need in a woman. So, I couldn’t resist marrying them both at a time.”

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