Breaking News : The Longest Weeding Gawn Ever In Nigeria

In elegance and style, the couple showed off their taste. A lovely blend of luxury, style and elegance, they both shut down the city with their stylish wedding.

Love is a lot of things but especially beautiful. Nate and Victoria’s understanding of the sweet part of love is why their wedding reflected a stunning side of beauty and class. The couple exchanged vows in the most heart-warming way.

Crystals dropping from the ceiling, 17 foot train; possibly the most luxurious wedding dress. Huge wedding cake that took a large portion of the room, the couple threw the wedding of the year and they know it.

Hot couple Source: Instagram, raeaffairs

Victoria dazzled in her wedding dress with 17 foot long train that stole the show and everybody’s attention.

Bride with her long train Source: Instagram, raeaffairs

The wedding cake was another part of the event that awed the guests. They both looked beautiful as they cut their huge cake.

Bride and groom cutting cake Source: Instagram, raeaffairs

Vicky and her man held nothing back when they glowed as they danced under crystal chandelier in the presence of family and friends.

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