Eniola Baddmus Finally Confessed Her Love For Davido

Nollywood star actress, Eniola Badmus has again proven to everyone that she has no space in her heart for beefs.
The mild drama started when Momodu, dragged the actress into a messy engagement. AfterMomodu shared on her Snapchat, to reveal what she’s having for dinner, Badmus ridiculed her for going for the shoddy snacks.
Momodu noted that she had some Dunkin’ Donuts for dinner and considered having another favour donut from Krispy Kreme same night.
“Dunkin’ Donut? What happened to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, even Apple Bees?” the actress asked and added, “You’re better reckon with Popeyes. Dey still gat wedges for munch. #BobssLadiesPayBillz”
Launching the tirade, Momodu posted; “How you gon be salty cause I eat whatever the fuck I want and you can’t hoe,” she began her tirade. “I have wayyy too many responsible people in my life. They won’t let me put this fat, salty hoe in her place. Always talking about people and stay kissing their ass. Fool!”
“Boss ladies don’t beg for love,” she continued, referencing Eniola’s comment about ‘boss ladies’, and added, “They don’t beg for dick either. Sit you cellulite ridden ass down and be humble.”
However, the Nollywood star, who is an intimate friend of Davido, has taken to her SnapChat to announce that there’s no more problem.
In her message to Momodu, Badmus said, “Go and sin no more.”
“Davido’s daughter is my daughter and The mother of his child is my sister …. I love you Sophia Momodu I luv u with all my heart …. Zero beef we shouldn’t allow devil to come between us we’ve come a long way.
“Heaven knows I love David with all my heart base on dat I believe everything associated with him should come with luv. Go and sin no more. I’m a leader and I should stay up and awake … I remember each and every moment we’ve spent together … I declare zero beef between us … BADOO X Sophia Momodu …” Badmus added.
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