Some Funny Pre Weeding Photos Ever Made By Nigerians

Overview Of: Some Funny Pre Weeding Photos Ever Made By Nigerians


A Pre-Wedding shoot captures the love-chemistry of a couple before the actual wedding.The couple does a fun shoot that reflects who they are, and it is usually playful and sweet. However, some of the pre wedding shoots we’ve seen are downright ridiculous. Here are some of the funniest ones.

1. Back that ass up

2. These ones were doing bad things. Smh!

3. Village love

4. Protecting her property

5. LMAO what is this please?

6. These ones are just too much

7. Police and thief

8. Wow

9. Mugshot couple

10. The booty got him like OMG

11. We really don’t understand what is going on

12. Tied together forever

13. Why is she flying?

14. Why are two people carrying one calabash?

15. Fire lord

16. Flying on the snooker table?

17. Aww Cupid

18. Is she trying to kill him?

19. This is too much

Photo:Emmanuella Osei/Facebook
20. Wild

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