Vice President Osibanjo Dauther Kiki Open A Multi Million Naira Beauty Shop [Read More ]

Overview Of: Vice President Osibanjo Dauther Kiki Open A Multi Million Naira Beauty Shop [Read More ]

Born into incredible affluence, she completed university education to devote herself to a vision far removed from what family, friends and associates of her influential and powerful father probably had of her.

Very few children, like Kiki Osinbajo, of rich and influential parents, actually get to enjoy such freedom. Aided by her highly liberal father, the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Kiki navigates the tumultuous shoals of Nigeria’s beauty sector with the tenacity and skill of a practiced seafarer. She opened a multi-million naira beauty shop called Glam’d Africa in Abuja, on Sunday.
Unlike many of her peers from filthy-rich families, Kiki chose to be different, seeking out her livelihood and acclaim in her passion for fashion and beauty. She chose to be a beauty consultant and in pursuit of her dream, she had only two prospects: total failure or vast success. There would be no middle ground.
While many billionaire heiresses spend their time squandering the frills and thrills of their fathers’ estates, Kiki devise ingenious means to make a name for herself and establish her own dynasty.
A visit to the new shop offers a pilgrimage or sort. Kiki offers that rare escape from ugliness that is at once the dream of many but is inaccessible to all. Armed with an intimidating knowledge of both modern and vintage beauty treatment and skin culture, she seeks to re-sensitize and awaken all and sundry to the rudiments and benefits of maintaining an appropriate beauty culture.
The classy event which had her father, the VP and her mother in attendance, lived up to its billing and initial hype as it drew the best of the Nigeria elite crowd and high society to celebrate her.
However, until recently, Kiki was quite unpopular on the social scene; she was literally in her anonymous cocoon. She is gradually coming into her own and already making men swallow a cascade of spittle in quick succession.  Add to her elegance, a touch of élan and the love of the good life and you have a priceless beauty. Svelte and amiable Kiki has currently become the toast of the crème of high society celebrities who are going out of their way to fraternize with and be part of the Osinbajo heiress’ enviable social circuit

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