See Some Natural Use Of Coca Cola You Never Thought[ One Will Shock You

Overview Of: See Some Natural Use Of Coca Cola You Never Thought[ One Will Shock You


Most everybody we know grew up with the crisp, refreshing taste of Coca-Cola.

After all, it’s one of the world’s favorite beverages, and it’s famous for bringing people together, as we saw in this iconic ad.
But there’s more to Coke than a delicious flavor and that classic polar bear.
In fact, did you know that Coca-Cola has a whole range of uses beyond simply refreshing your palate on a hot day?
It may just be the most underappreciated and surprising household product around, simply because most folks don’t associate it with anything other than a tall glass and plenty of ice cubes.
What they don’t realize? They’re missing out on a household MVP that can do anything from cleaning smudges off your eyeglasses to helping lift stubborn stains off the carpet.
In fact, next time you have a minor snafu around the house, grab a bottle of Coke — there’s a good chance it’s just what you need.
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What Makes Coca-Cola So Handy?

So what makes Coca-Cola such an awesome ingredient to have on hand?
Essentially, it comes down to two ingredients: phosphoric acid and carbonated water.
The bubbly water gives cola its fizz, but is also great for cleaning because the carbonation helps lift up stains and smudges.
Phosphoric acid, meanwhile, gives Coke a tangy bite, but it also has tons of industrial applications for everything from rust removal to acid etching.
Use #1: Cleaning Toilet Bowls

Next time you need to give your toilet a touch-up, but don’t want to give it the full bleaching treatment, try reaching for the Coca-Cola.
It doesn’t have the scorched-earth effect that bleach does, but will work wonders for lifting stains and rings off porcelain.
Just pour, let sit for 10 minutes or so, scrub with a toilet brush, and flush — voila!
Use #2: Boosting Houseplants

If you keep houseplants, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ingredients to make them happier and healthier.
Beyond plain old water and sunlight, a healthy slug of Coca-Cola is a good option!
That’s because the bubbles help aerate the soil, allowing the roots to penetrate deeper for a stronger, healthier hold.
Use #3: Cleaning Eyeglasses

Are your glasses looking particularly smudgy?
Skip the T-shirt polishing routine and really lift that dirt and grime off by giving your glasses a wipe-down with a rag dipped in soda.
Rinse immediately to get rid of any stickiness and dry with a clean, soft cloth for crystal-clear lenses.
Use #4: Relieving Jellyfish Stings

If you live on the coast or have been on a tropical vacation, you know there are few pests more irritating than the jellyfish.
They aren’t usually dangerous in shallow water, but they sure do sting when they zap you!
The traditional folk remedy is peeing on the sting to relieve the pain, but a glassful of Coke offers a much more sanitary option.
Use #5: Cleaning Old Coins

If you’re a coin collector, or you simply prefer your pocket change be sparkly-clean, Coke is an invaluable tool.
Coins tend to get tarnished from wear and tear, so a quick cola bath is a nice, gentle way to get them shining again.
The phosphoric acid, a noted anti-tarnishing tool, helps remove any rust or darkening.
Use #6: Removing Gum From Your Hair

Getting gum in your hair is the absolute worst, which is why we’re big fans of any hack for removing it.
Peanut butter is the classic, but then you’re left with a headful of peanut butter to contend with.
Using Coke (before it goes flat!) allows the bubbles to separate the gum from the hair, and pull it out with minimal fuss and cleanup.
Use #7: Cleaning Your Tiles

No matter how diligent we are about cleaning the bathroom, the grout between the tiles just seems to get stained over time.
Using a little Coke can help clear up any brownish stains stubbornly sticking between the tiles, as well as lift other stains off the ceramic surface.
Just dip an old (but sterilized) toothbrush in Coca-Cola and get going — with a little elbow grease, your bathroom will sparkle!
Use #8: Cleaning Marker Stains

If you have a little one in your life, you know they can get a little bit mess-happy with their markers and crayons.
Walls can always be painted over in a pinch, but you really don’t want to lose your carpet to an overzealous bout of coloring.
Instead, try dabbing marker stains with Coke and lifting it off with a clean rag — this should help get up the worst of the stain.
Use #9: Neutralizing Skunk Odors

There’s nothing — nothing — worse than going for a twilight walk and catching a skunk by surprise. This is doubly true if your dog happens to be with you!
The tried-and-true remedy is supposed to be tomato juice, but Coca-Cola may actually work better, because all those fizzing bubbles go to work on the putrid skunk odor right away.
In other words, always keep a couple of liters of Coke handy, it just might save your behind in a crisis!

Do you ever use Coca-Cola around the house? Are you a fan of Coke, or do you prefer other soft drinks

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