How To Look Great This Festive Period [ Ladies Only

Overview Of: How To Look Great This Festive Period [ Ladies Only


Do you think Ankara mixed with lace dresses are lovely? We’ll reveal to you the secrets of combining Ankara fabric and lace, both in everyday and festive attires. Let’s talk about the fashion trends of this season. We can help you to create a gorgeous look.
Ankara mixed with lace dresses
Lace has always been used in making clothes from time immemorial. The first lace fabrics were costly, as all intricate patterns were made by hand. It took the artisans a lot of time to create. Now any fashionista can afford to buy clothes with lace. Depending on the pattern, lace can be used in the creation of both festive and everyday looks.
Ankara mixed with lace dresses
Nigerian fashionistas like to use lace fabric for their outfits. For instance, Ankara and lace combination styles look beautiful. Bright Ankara fabrics with large or small prints and monochrome delicate lace inserts make any attire look more refined and exquisite. Clothing made with lace elements looks very bright and at the same time very feminine and gorgeous.
Often times, lace elements are used in the creation of festive evening dresses and blouses. The classic option is a lace-decorated neckline and sleeves. Any lace fabric can be used here, with any patterns. The textile can be completely translucent and thin like a web. And, on the contrary, it may be dense with a strongly marked lace pattern of floral or abstract design. Everything depends on the woman ’s imagination and taste.
The rule for using such lace inserts is the consideration of colour and pattern. The simpler the pattern on the lace, the brighter and lighter the colour of lace fabric should be. And vice versa, large obvious lace pattern work best in calm tones and colours. For especially festive occasions, you can choose lacemdecorated with rhinestones or artificial pearls. Also, it may have embroidery with gold or silver thread. In this case, the fabric texture should be thin and delicate.

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