Forbes Short Listed Top 10 Richest Male Actors In Nigeria

Nollywood industry is quickly developing. Nigerians love Nollywood actors and movies. However, here is the question that interests many of us, ‘Who are the richest male actors in Nigeria?’ Aren’t you curious to learn the names of some of the richest Nollywood male celebrities in 2018?

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Nollywood actors
Each popular actor is a brand. Producers are always happy to create new Nollywood films with famous celebrities because public is willing to watch new movies if they see their favorite person in the list of actors.
Highest paid actor quickly becomes wealthy, but we should understand that each rich actor in Nigeria goes through a long path. He performs, studies, improves his acting, works day and night and finally his popularity skyrockets. The fame is followed by impressive deals, collaboration with other Nigerian actors, contracts with expensive brands, etc.
Of course, each highest paid actor is loved by millions of fans. Many women would be happy to become his second half, even though many richest actors are already married and have lovely families. Are you ready to discover their names?
10 richest male celebrities in Nigeria in 2018
We have created a list of top 10 richest Nigerian actors who are featured in numerous Nollywood movies.
P.S. There is no particular order in our list because all celebrities mentioned below are very rich and extremely famous.
1. Richard Mofe Damijo
This 57-year-old Nollywood celebrity shortly referred to as RMD is rich and famous. He has been active in different Nigerian films for many years in a row, offering his fans some incredible stories to watch and discuss.
Maybe you have watched a popular TV serial titled ‘Ripples’? This was a popular film back in the 1980’s. He kept playing and earning numerous awards for his acting. For example, he was named the 2005 Best Actor in a Leading Role and 2016 LifeTime Achievement by the Africa Movie Academy Awards.
Happily married, this highest paid actor has kids and an estimated net worth of approximately 7-15 million U.S. dollars (according to different sources).
P.S. You can watch some latest movies with Richard Mofe Damijo called ’10 Days in Sun City,’ ‘The Wedding Party’ (Parts 1 and 2), ‘The Grudge’ and others.
2. Jim Iyke
One of the richest actors in Nigeria, Jim Iyke (his full name is James Ikechukwu Esomugha) is extremely popular and recognized all across the country.
He has many awards for his impressive roles, and it is hard to imagine Nollywood industry without this amazing man. By the way, he is not only rich, but is also very handsome. He has received high recognition as the ‘best actor’ and ‘most handsome and hottest man.’
He has acted in more than 150 movies, has his own film production firm and music label. You can watch some of his most recent films called ‘American Driver’ and ‘When Love Comes Around’ along with many other interesting titles.
According to different sources, Jim’s net worth is from 8 U.S. dollars.
3. Desmond Elliot
Some Nollywood actors are also good at politics. For example, Desmond Elliot successfully manages both roles being a successful Nigerian actor and a politician.
Since we are talking about the richest male actors in Nigeria in 2018 in this post, let us focus on Desmond’s Nollywood career. This 44-year-old man appears in more than 200 movies and popular TV shows. He is great in dramas and soap operas, being a universal actor. He has a happy family with his wife and their kids.
Based on different sources, this richest actor’s net worth is 5-10 million U.S. dollars.
4. Nkem Owoh
How much do you love comedies? Hilarious situations and funny films are watched by millions of Nigerians who are happy to laugh and forget about their problems for at least one hour or even longer. Comedians are very popular in Nollywood, so we have to include one popular comedian Nkem Owoh into our list of 10 richest celebrities in Nigeria.
You can watch many awesome films (actually, over 200 movies) with this actor, including ‘Ghana Must Go,’ ‘Military Zone,’ ‘Wonderful Man’ etc.
It is believed that this comic actor’s net worth is approximately 4 million U.S. dollars.
5. Ramsey Nouah
Being awarded the ‘best actor’ (for ‘The Figurine’ story) by Africa Movie Academy 8 years ago, Ramsey is a 47-year-old celebrity who is featured in many popular soap operas and Nollywood movies.
He is an idol for many housewives because Ramsey Nouah often plays main roles in romantic movies. Some people even know him as Nigerian ‘lover-boi’ due to his films. You can watch him acting in such latest Nollywood movies as ‘Tempting Fate,’ ‘76’ and ’30 Days in Atlanta,’ to name a few.
Ramsey is married with children. His estimated net worth is approximately 4-4.5 million U.S. dollars.

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6. Osita Iheme
Ladies, beware! This young-looking 36-year-old actor is very famous and rich. Many of you know him as ‘Pawpaw’ because of his movie role, but you can watch many films with Osita, including ‘Last Challenge,’ “Young Masters,’ ‘I Think Twice,’ ‘Final World Cup’ and others.
Osita loves playing comic roles. He has founded Inspired Movement Africa organization to inspire and motivate girls and boys from Nigeria and other African countries.
According to different sources, Osita Iheme’s net worth is about 1.5-3.5 million U.S. dollars.
7. Mike Ezuruonye
The handsome 35-year-old Mike joined the Nollywood after working as a banker and he did really great at acting. He got many nominations for the ‘best actor’ awards, got married and now raises his son. You can watch some cool movies with Mike Ezuruonye, such as ‘The Duplex,’ ‘Keep Me Alive’ and ‘Unforgivable.’
His estimated net worth is about 3.5-5 million U.S. dollars.
8. Chidi Mokeme
A popular TV shows host and one of the richest actor in Nigeria, Chidi Mokeme plays some awesome roles in ’76,’ ‘Omotara Johnson,’ ‘The Seed’ and other Nollywood films.
He has been active on the big screen for over 20 years. Chidi has an estimated net worth of 7 million U.S. dollars.
9. John Okafor
He is another popular and awesome comic character on our list of 10 richest Nollywood actors in 2018. Many Nigerians call him Mr. Ibu (you have probably guessed that Mr. Ibu is his most famous role loved by millions of people).
Experts in Nollywood believe that John Okafor is extremely talented in his comic roles. If you watch some of his movies (‘Keziah,’ ‘Police Recruit,’ ‘Mr. Ibu’ and ‘9 Wives’ to name a few), you won’t stop laughing and enjoy his hilarious acting.
Mr. Ibu’s estimate net worth is over 4 million U.S. dollars.
10. Segun Arinze
Being both a famous singer and actor, Segun Arinze deserves his place in our list of the richest celebrities of Nigeria in 2018.
Which movies should you watch with this star? We can name a few for you. They are ‘Invasion 1897,’ ’30 Days,’ ‘An eye for an eye’ and ‘A Place in the Stars.’ Segun’s estimated net worth is over 5 million U.S. dollars.
There are many more rich and famous actors in Nollywood, we just selected some of the richest and renowned men who have millions of fans and are loved by many fans.

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