Major Things You Must Do Before Going For Your NYSC

Many fresh university graduates want to know what they can do to keep busy before going for NYSC. A lot of people end up wasting the time in between graduation and youth service, and this shouldn’t be the case.
Time passes fast, and when it’s gone it can’t be regained, so make the most of your time. Here are six things you could do before going for NYSC:
1. Get an internship
The first thing you could do is look for an internship with a company that matches your aspirations and your career goals. The beauty of being an intern is that your time there is considered as job experience which will boost your CV and give you an advantage when it’s time to get a full job.
2. Start a small business
If you want to test your entrepreneurial skills, you should consider starting a small scale business at home before NYSC. The point to note here is that with this, you can also read books. Do well not to read books only in your own field but largely outside your field. For instance, if you are an Accountant, consider a book in computing, Information Technology or Artificial Intelligence. Whatever you learn from here would help you later in life.

3. Do an online course
The beauty of the internet is that there are so many short courses you can engage in on platforms like Coursera and Shaw Academy. These platforms offer short professional courses, sometimes for free. These courses are mostly offered by top ranking universities around the world. A good internet connection and data plan would be an essential.
4. Volunteer
Great leaders always suggest to their mentees to consider volunteerism either at their local community, outside of it or an NGO.  Here in Nigeria you may volunteer at a local store, a community centre or a local council.
5. Travel before going for NYSC
For the ones who love adventures, you can travel to see new places. Also, it might help you get a job in the future as you would have first-hand experience about different places.
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6. Learn a new language
You should also consider learning a new language. The ability to speak a foreign language is always a plus. In fact, consider enrolling for a Mandarin or French class.
Don’t just sit around, make your time count!
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Lateef Abioye is a Chartered Accountant with over 6 years experience in Asset Management, Banking and Financial Consulting. If you have any questions for him, you can send a mail to [email protected] 

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