The Kind Of Text Women Love To Receive

Overview Of: The Kind Of Text Women Love To Receive


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Communication is very key in a relationship. It is quintessentially what keeps the relationship going. 
The most common means is the use of mobile phones to text and call. The most prevalent means though is texting. 
Texting is perhaps the cheapest and most effective method of communication in the modern world. It is fast and efficient. 
Through texting, partners in a relationship get to express their innermost feelings and affection despite not being in contact with each other. 
 Individuals get to freely say how they feel while at the same time having time to evaluate what they have typed before sending. 
But what really are the kind of messages that ladies like to receive?
Here are some of the types of messages that ladies like to receive.
1. Saying ‘am thinking of you’
When you randomly send her a text saying you are thinking of her, you get to achieve a far heftier psychological impact on her than you may ever imagine. 
This kind of text will make her happier and lift her moods. She may take time to reply to it but all the more, she will be happy that you indeed are thinking about her. 
Sending the text itself in the first step essentially showed that she indeed is on your mind.
2. Good morning text
Texting her in the morning is already enough proof that she was on your mind. 
You just have to make it in such a way that whenever she wakes up at whatever time, it is your text that she finds on the screen of her phone. 
It makes her feel special and loved. Nothing more would really matter.
3. Remembering an important event
Whenever you text her to remind her of an important event, the text sensationally jerks her and brings her to a fantasy world where she feels so important. 
Reminding her of how special her past birthday was draws some kind of special sensation from within her and wholly makes her happy. 
4. Sharing a piece of yourself
When you share special pieces of who you are, she ultimately gets drawn and wants to know more. 
For example, if you continually share a desirable trait with her over a prolonged period of time, she may want to also emulate it. 
If you share with her what you dislike or hate, she will, if at all you hate the same thing, be happy that you really do and want to be at your side to learn more.
5. A meaningful memory
If you text her to remind her of a meaningful and special memory, she will be happy and smile upon it. It is a special thing to remember something from the past.

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