Tricks To Make A Woman Chase You

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It’s a norm for men to chase women but do you know men too can make women chase them (if not for money)? What you do and how you carry yourself determines the wave at which a woman’s love will collect for you. 
So how can you make her chase you? Here are 4 strong tips;
1. Make a strong first impression
The first impression is very important. As a man, you have to really be the man you are when you meet her for the first time or when you decide to now let it known to her that you need her. 
Don’t fumble during this time. Act confident and spit words that will see her want to know more about you. She will look for you to know more about you.
2. Don’t make things too easy for her
Frequent calls and chats aren’t right. Don’t you have other things to do? As a man, you have a lot of important things to do than chase women. Don’t let her see you as this type of a man. 
Limit your contact with her and show her you are a busy man determined to make his own life better first. Focus on your things rather than her. She will love this. 
3. Ask the right questions
Don’t ask stupid questions like ‘Do you have a boyfriend? No! This isn’t right. Instead, ask questions such as ‘what do you do during your free time?’, ‘ what’s your hobby?’ ‘what genre of music do you prefer?’ and many more. 
Asking whether she has a boyfriend or not will make her yours if she is a mature woman; in fact, you are doomed if you as this. 
4. Don’t be too sweet/always there
Women hate men who make things too easy for them. How do you expect her to chase you when you are always available? 
Use absence to make her go after you. Don’t be too close and again don’t be too far. Give her space to look for you when she yearns to be with you

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