Things To Do To Easily Make A Nurse Be Your Wife

ways to seduce a nurse into being your wife

Nurses are believed to be the best spouses and make good mothers [Source/]
Nurses have a great character of being the best mothers and spouses.Many people live on wishes to have a nurse as his or her better half but they are so unlucky because of their mode of approach.
Here are the ways you can use to win a Nurse:
1. Be courageous
Every Nurse needs a courageous guy who can express himself or herself without fear.They belief that any situation or misfortunes they come across in life needs to be faced courageously.
2. Be frank
Nurses always wants a person to be frank and straight to the point,Never should you pretend or lie to Nurse.
3. Be decently dressed
A Nurse will always appreciate a presentable man or woman,because they are always smartly dressed in Nurses uniforms.
4. Avoid being sympathetic
A Nurse will never tolerate a person who tries to symphatise with her/his workload ,because they are always dedicated to their work,for example trying to make her/him feel the load of being in a night duty.
5. Dates decision
Let her always decide on the day she is ready for an out with you.
BONUS: Never provoke them
Nurses are prone to mood swings as they are always provoke in their line of duty by different situation  ,for example death of a patient receiving their care.

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