[Shocking!] R Kelly has not reached out to his children since 2017!

In the midst of all the drama going on in the embattled R and B star, R Kelly’s life, more secrets that we imagined are being revealed.
R.Kelly who addressed his non-commitment to paying his child support during his CBS interview accused his ex-wife Drea of lying hence his inability to pay her his children’s support.
It turns out that R.Kelly does not have a relationship with his children. In fact, sources are saying that he has not made any attempt to see them since 2017 despite all the chances that he has had. He also changed his number during this time and did not give it to Drea.
Recall that in a recent showdown in an interview with Gayle King, he screamed and was almost on the brink of tears while stating that he has been trying to have a relationship with his children.
And if you were wondering what Drea is thinking, she is open to him and their children reconnecting.

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