INTERVIEW : Interview With Our Artist Of The Week Rex D1

Overview Of: INTERVIEW : Interview With Our Artist Of The Week Rex D1


Exclusive Interview With OYINBONAIJA Artist Of The Week – Rex D1

TELL US ABOUT YOU? My name is Christian Agbonifo, Born and brought up in Benin city, Edo state 

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY/EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND? Am born into the The Great Family of Agbonifo, am the second child and but the first son of 8, I added numerous primary and secondary, and got my last degree from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo state

WHO/WHAT INSPIRED YOU INTO MUSIC? My friend Nino brown(landlord son) now married inspired me, he was a good singer and always looking fresh, I wanted to be like him way back 2006, I always follow him to Gee Pee production studio

IN WHAT YEAR DID YOU START MUSIC AS A CAREER? I did my first recording in year 2007, music titled FOR NAIJA ft Joe blaque, Yellow Star, fugee lomo and Ehiz black.

HOW MANY SONGS HAVE YOU RECORD & WHICH AMONG THEM IS YOUR HIT SONG? I have recorded more than 20 songs, since 2018, all my songs have been a Hit, but my best is yet to come

WHICH PRODUCERS HAVE YOU WISH TO WORK WITH? I have never wish to work with anyone, I have this believe that I can work with anybody, and who so ever I work with, is who I choose and think is best for that particular song

HOW HAS MUSIC BEING PAYING YOU SINCE THEN TILL NOW? Music is a free income and a blessed money, I can’t explain because it’s massive, u just go out to perform, to me, it’s just a play play thing on stage, and am still been paid. I love music hahahahaha


WHAT ARE THREE THINGS YOU CANT LIVE HOUSE WITHOUT? First is my cell phone, secondly my money and I must smell good *smile*

WHAT WAS YOUR PARENT REACTION WHEN YOU CHOOSE MUSIC? OMG! My father broke my CD plate then, he must have forgotten now, he told me Artiste are not decent, they smoke a lot, womanizing and excess clubbing, but my mama has always been like, do what you know is good for you and make me proud! Make people Dey call me mama REX D BABA for road hahahahaha

HOW DID YOU FEEL ABOUT THE COMPETITION IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY? The competition is something else, all I always say is GRACE! I nor wan sabi sing, I want to blow and pack all the money! That keeps me going

ANY CHALLENGES ON BUILDING UP YOUR DREAMS? Well! not much, I need excess money and time to do the things I know that can build my dream for better

DO YOU HAVE ANY HIDDEN TALENTS? Yes! Am a comedian also, but it’s hidden hahahahaha and back then in secondary school, I can draw anything I see, but don’t know about now, never draw a line since 2008 hahahahaha

TELL US ABOUT THE PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON CURRENTLY? For now, am working on my songs,(so many) no plan for Album yet, I will drop enough singles maybe Album will be my next year project

WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE FROM OTHER ARTIST? I do things on my own, I don’t copy anyone or sound like anyone,  I am creative and don’t take the music, I mean my style of singing too serious, and it’s working for me

WHO AND WHO YOU WILL YOU LOVE TO WORK WITH IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY? Burna boy, Slim case, Graham D, Magnito, Peruzzi, And Vector 

HOW DO YOU FEEL WHEN PEOPLE LOVE AND ENCOURAGE YOU? That’s my most happiest moment in the musical life

YOUR ADVICE FOR UPCOMING ARTIST? I advise all upcoming to Pray for Grace first, then study the music industry! Very important, wit the help of a successful Artiste or a good management 

A SENTENCE TO YOUR FANS? Thanks to everyone who love my music, God will always send people to love what ever you do,  your job, business, and all you do! Keep supporting me, I am nothing without your support. I love you all.


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