[ Blogging Tips ] How To Activate Glo For Bloggers Using Blogspot – Must Read

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Welcome to Oyinbonaija.com.ng , a resourceful blog where I share the perfect blogging guides and technology updates with proven SEO tips.
This serves as a beginner’s blog with the mission of making the world a better place for upcoming webmasters in the society at large.
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Alright, so aside from that I will like to share with you on how to solve this problem of Blogger not opening on Glo Networks.
For example,eoopening for users using Glo network for a while now, even after activating the HTTPS option on Blogger platform.
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This problem has lingered and disturbed me a lot but now I have the solution and I am going to share it with you right away.
So many bloggers using the blogger platform with custom domain have been facing this same issue of Glo not opening Blogspot.
After much research, I have to come up with this ultimate solution on how to make blogger custom domain open on Glo Network.
Today I will be sharing with you the latest crushing solution on Glo not opening Blogspot following the below few steps.

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Step 1 – Activating HTTPS on BlogSpot
Now, this is the very first step to take. You need to activate HTTPS, probably you might have not activated yours yet, here is how to do it.
On your Blogger.com Dashboard, Go to Settings, then Basic.

Scroll down to HTTPS and set “HTTPS Availability”to Yes and “HTTPS Redirect” to Yes.
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Make it look like the image above.

And that is all about activating HTTPS.

Once the HTTPS is being activated properly, your blog site enjoys a few benefits which include:

•  Users trust and a Professional look.

•  Increases your Blog/Page ranking.

•  Security against Hackers.

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