[Breaking] Pastor Feeds Members With Rat Poison Testing Their Faith And They All Lost Their Lifes

A Pastor in South Africa known as Priest Light Monyeki from Soshaguve during the High Place Conference, which is also referred to as his “Supernatural Service,” proclaimed that his congregation must not fear death, as they will not die when he was feeding them with Rat poison.
Monyeki started pouring Rattax (a popular rat poison) into a bottle of water, which he then urged his believers to drink. He also put some rat poison into a water bottle and then challenged his believers to drink from the poisoned water.
Monyeki then took a swig from the bottle of poisoned water. And with the power of belief and the absolute faith they had in Monyeki, many followers ran forward to take a drink as well.

Priest Light Monyeki showing off rat poison
The congregation, in their absolute faith in Monyeki, rushed forward to drink the poison.
Predictably enough, in the evening, many members of the congregation started to complain of stomach pains, and later 5 of them were declared to be dead. 13 more of the member of the congregation were taken to the hospital for ingesting Monyeki’s rat poison cocktail.

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