[Gospel Gist] Nigerian Gospel Singer ( Tope Alabi) Twist Her Waist And Shake Bum Bum During Praise And Worship

Nigeria Gospel Singer, Tope Alabi Display Marlian Dance Gbese
Naira Marley an important rockstar in Nigeria and known to deliver his lines in a syrupy mixture of Yoruba and English, his case with the EFCC raised his profile and boosted his adoring mass of obsessive followers, the Marlians which are popularly known to use the dance style gbese in tune to most music.

Gbese is a popular dance step featured in many Nigerian music videos where dancers are seen momentarily jumping and lifting their legs away from the floor as if they are delivery a strong kick with the under of their legs.

A video on social media featured Nigeria popular gospel artiste, Tope Alabi claded in a white top and jogger with a Versace inscription. Tope Alabi was very engrossed with the dance that her facial expression seem to tell how she enjoyed it to the fullest.

She tune the gbese style into the best performance by jumping on her two legs at a minimum height and hands reverberating simultaneously. She suddenly raised the right leg and stretched out as if she was going to kick someone, she also beefed it with the old makosa style

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