[Religion New] Pope Calls Kuran A Holy Book And Islam Not Violence

Yes The Pope agrees that the Holy Book Of Quran is not the book of violence but that of peace and love, he also literally told that the meaning  of the word “Islam” is: “Peace”, the video of Pope saying Islam is a peaceful religion went viral on facebook and youtube, we will give you the link of that video at the end of this blog.’

Pope says ” On Islamophobia, It is true that when one sees these terrorist acts, not only in this region but in Africa also, there is this reaction he added ” IF THIS IS ISLAM, I AM GOING TO GET ANGRY” and so many Muslims people are offended.

Many, many say: No we are not this, the Quran is the book of peace, It is a prophetic book of peace, “That terrorism is not Islam”

Now we ask those Christians and Jews who tortured Muslims in America and other parts of the world by saying them promoters and maintainers of hatred and terrorism? Did in recent times any Muslim man or woman did an attack on any Church or any other religious center of any religion either Hindu, Christians, Jews or any other religion of the world, but in recent times white people attacked they may be Christians and jews on mosque in New Zealand and killed 51 Muslims and in Germany constantly white people are destroying and hurting Muslims and Islamic mosques.

May ALLAH convert him into Islam as soon as possible and by watching him converting into Islam may lakhs of people also convert to Islam as it is the only final religion of ALLAH (One God) Almighty.

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