[Tips] – How to excel in your first year in higher institution (full details)

Welcome, on this article we’re going to discuss on how to succeed in your first year in Nigerian Higher Institutions and how you can get high GP and be successful in your academics

We’ve noticed that most nigerian students are really suffering in their first year in the higher institution, That’s why we gathered some research in other to feed you guys with vital informations you’ll need as a fresh student or aspiring candidate

Without wasting too much of your time or talking about something irrelevant, kindly sit down and digest the underlisted points and make use of them

In other to be succeed in your first year in Nigerian higher Institutions You must follow these steps and make proper use of them

  1. Attending Classes – Yes you get me right, For you to be Excel in your first year in Higher Institution you must be attending class regularly, Take proper attendance and Ask Your Lecturer questions on areas you’re confused he/she will put you through, if you’re a shy type like me and you cant ask your lecturers questions dont hestitate to ask your fellow colleagues who knows better than you
  2. Doing Your Assignment – Regular assignment will boost YOur GP, Some lecturers are highly interested in giving students assignment in other to help them, moreso assignment is part of your CA, CA means Continous assignment, its part of what makes your GP, infact in my school, CA is 40% while exams take 60%
  3. Don’t Be A Social Type – You’ve got it wrong, i don’t mean you shouldnt be social, hear me right, but too much social activities can disturb your academics and you can end end up regreting, avoid going to every social activities you’re been called to, ignore some if you can’t honor all, hostels parties, birthdays, freshers night and the rest can be a disturbance to your academics
  4. Avoid Bad friends – You all know this, joining bad friends or ganging with bad peers can be a disturbance to your academics, you won’t have time to attend classes, do assignments and some of your academics matters, don’t follow them to smoke or womanize, or you regret going to higher institution
  5. Note taking and buying your handouts – Yea, this is the last but not the list of what we’ve been discussing in this article, it’s the most relevant and the most important of all, note taking will help you very well in higher institution, regular note taking and buying of your textbooks, let me give you a secrete, apart from following all the points listed above, you can still fail in your first year in higher institution, some lecturers fail students who fails to buy their textbooks because that’s where they generate another source of income, i hope this article really helps you alot
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