[Breaking News] New Method Of Preventing Corona Virus In Nigeria [Must Read]

The Commissioner for Health, Of Comedians has debunked the rumours making the round over a case of novel coronavirus in the state, saying that there is no suspected or confirmed case of the virus.

He gave the clarification in a statement issued on Sunday in Nigeria

He urged citizens to disregard the misinformation on social media as well as any other information about the virus that did not emanate from his ministry, the Federal Ministry of Health or the National Centre for Disease Control.

“I would like to reassure Lagosians that our vigilance levels are very high and we are putting more measures in place to safeguard the state.

Through our strategic initiatives with federal authorities, we are putting higher levels of surveillance into effect at all international airports in Nigeria, including to ensure that we minimize the threat of entry of any case of coronavirus,” He said.

He advised all travelers returning from China and those exposed to travelers from China or any country where cases of Corona virus have been reported to observe self-quarantine on arrival in Africa

He noted that unsupervised self-quarantine for travelers was the first step in containing the virus in the state.

According to Him self-quarantine is a public health strategy used to separate and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to a communicable disease.

He said that the aim was to protect individuals who might have been exposed and the general public.

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