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University of Ilorin (Unilorin) Lecturer Isiaq A. Omotayo

The global outbreak of the pandemic disease called coronavirus has not only clutched the hills of the economy of nations but it has suddenly interrupted the smooth activities of religious, social and cultural institutions in the world.

When it emanated in China, majority had thought that it was merely a China phenomenon. unknown to all that it was like an egg undergoing incubation process before it hatched. Had nations knew, they would have taken swift actions and dive into immediate decision making process, such as the instant shutdown of borders, restriction of the inflow of people and thus embark on strict health policies that encompasses both the detection and prevention of the virus before it escalated. Unfortunately things fall apart, as it was almost too late when nations wake up from their slumber.

Like a thief in the night, the coronavirus has apppeared and wrecked enormous harvoc, and is not willing to leave anytime soon except the individuals and government of states, not excluding international agencies are ready to take a joint action which I have tagged WAC: war against coronavirus.

Although China the epicenter of the viral outbreak, have put in place measures to contain the spread of the pandemic disease; ranging from the building and expansion of health institutions and hospitals to the sensitization of the populace and isolation of the affected individuals.

However, Individuals need to first understand the precautionary measures to follow such as, the proper washing of hands at intervals expecially having stepped outside the four walls of their rooms, maintaning social distance, that is interactions with family, friends, neigbours and strangers should be with extra care by watching out for those symptoms in them such as, difficulty in breathing(sudden grasp for breath) coughing, body weakness, etc.

Also, the government of state needs to act fast before things fall apart. First, a proper sensitization of the masses through the social media and all media stations is highly essential.

Not only that, the government needs to make available intervention fund to cater for people who has been tested positive and to create more hospitals for such special cases, not excluding the provision of equipments and facilities for existing hospitals. Moreover, special care must be given to the medical personnel treating the infected individuals.

It is noteworthy to assert at this junction, that this is the proper time to encourage the works of those doctors(men and women risking their lives for the country. Not only that, the restriction of social gathering at this point in time cannot be over-emphasised as it is highly inevitable.

We must not endanger our lives with decent contemplation and religious rituals. As it has been discovered that the coronavirus spreads faster in a crowded environment. Contradictory to wide held perception, quickly let me assert here that not all sanitizers are effective against the virus. Most sanitizer are anti bacterial and not anti virus as wrongly believed by some individuals.

It is high time for nations that have porous border policy to enact strict measures to control activities on the land, air and water in order to checkmate the incoming and outgoing of infected individuals.

Very important, International agencies, need to rise up to the demands of weak nations. Not all the countries in the world are gifted with the economic robustness and manpower of China, us etc. It is high time we do not shy away from the fact that countries in the world are interconnected and interdependence socially, politically, economically and cultural.

Therefore, the headache of another country is the headache of all except everyone is willing to die anytime soon. International agencies such as WHO, UNO, etc should rise up and partner with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in providing financial assistance and technical support to countries being ravaged with the virus.

This is necessary to mitigate the devastating effect of the COVID-19 virus and its spread, as it is necessary to curtail the impending economic disaster that may arise as a result of hiccups in the fluidity of economic activities across all sectors, ranging from the oil sector to the agriculture sector, banking and finance, to the educational sector etc.

Infact the sport sector is not excluded as very popular sports in the world has come to a grand halt. To all and sundry, the total number of people affected by the coronavirus is increasing day by day. This natural world is beyond all decent contemplation and religious rituals. Please take necessary precaution.

Prevention is better than cure.

 ROPC 2020

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