Four (4) that Big Yansh Can Keeps you Poor Even with A Reasonable Income

Overview Of: Four (4) that Big Yansh Can Keeps you Poor Even with A Reasonable Income


Four (4) that Big Yansh Can Keeps you Poor Even with A Reasonable Income

1. Spending more as your income Increase

there is no harm in raising your standard when you can. However if you are a person who is constantly looking for a way to spend your money, you will probably find yourself in a difficult situation soon enough. If you continuously raise your expenditure along with any increase in your income, it will be hard to have any real savings. Try to keep your expenditure at a constant level along with exploring ways to increase your income.

2. Not Caring about Tomorrow:

 usually when people find it hard to tackle a problem, they will choose to ignore it. That is a sure recipe for disaster. Generally people focus on their Present needs, wishfully the future needs will somehow be met in some way.

You need to take the future into perspective whenever you are making any financial decision. Although it is good to take card of everything in the present but do your best to save for the future.

3. Thinking it is too early to start saving: 

When you are young, it is easy to get carried away by the various pleasures money can buy. People often think that right now is too early to start saving or investing. Wrong, it is never too early to save a proportion of your income no matter how low or high your income is.

Start saving today, in fact experts say that start saving before you spend.

4. Not keeping Record of Your Money: 

We all think we know where our money comes from and where it ends. But this not true for most of us. We might be aware of our major expenditures but the small things usually eat up our finances more than the big ones.

It is an excellent idea to start keeping a journal for all your income and expenses whether big or small.

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Published: 2 years ago

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