How To Cook Beans In Less Than 15 Minutes

Overview Of: How To Cook Beans In Less Than 15 Minutes


Regardless of the type of beans you can use this method to cook different types of beans very easy and quick. Many people complain how beans always finish your their gas at home just because they fail to understand the simple trick behind it.

1: Take a dried heat at least three spoonful of groundnut oil in the pot.

2: Chopped your onion and garlic and fry them for like 2 minutes till it becomes soft.

3: Note before doing all these you must have boiled your hot water first so from this stage you pour your hot water then you wags your beans and put inside the pot stir it properly..

Just watch your beans done in less than 20 minutes but don’t let it over done so it won’t turn to mush add your necessary ingredients then serve with either pap, bread, bean puddling (Moi-Moi) or Bean cake (Akara)

Published: 2 years ago

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