How To See Photos And Watch Video’s Using #Facebook “Free_Mode”

Overview Of: How To See Photos And Watch Video’s Using #Facebook “Free_Mode”

Airtel Free Browsing

Some Facebook users have full access to free Facebook but can’t see pictures or videos while enjoying free mode,

As for me I tried free Facebook once but I was disappointed I couldn’t see pictures, it’s annoying.

So am going to teach you how to see pictures on free mode

With these easy steps :

Step 1 :

download Facebook lite from Google play store to your smartphone

And your sim must be eligible for free mode

Sims like Airtel, 9mobile, MTN

Step 2:

Turn off your data

Step 3:

Go to your phone settings and search for

Facebook lite and clear data

Step 4:

Turn your data back on

Step 5:

Open a browser of your choice

And go to free.facebook.com

And login to your Facebook account

Step 6:

Open your Facebook lite and login into your account

Step 7:

Go back to the browser and make sure you see that your on free mode

Tap the question mark then tap “turn off this feature”

Step 8:

Then you receive an error message

Saying “site cannot be reached”

Ignore it

Step 9:

Now go back to the Facebook Lite app

Login and you can now see pictures on free mode


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Thank you

Published: 2 years ago

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