Micro Chips Must Be Used In Africa “Bill Gates”

The Microsoft Boss Bill Gates Has Made Know The Benefits Of these micro chips and the great Benefits it it bring to Africa

The microchips have so many benefits like

1: You don’t need to carry your phone around I.e your phone can be at home and you receive, make calls and even access your phone from anywhere

2: you can access the ATM machine, POS etc without your ATM card..

3: you don’t need to showcase your international passport before you will be allowed to travel,

4: you don’t need to show your national identity card..

Just your presence and the microchip in you, you are good to go..,

Currently this chip is currently in Sweden…


For this chip to execute maximum invention purpose, it needs this 5G network

And once the chip is in the body, working with the 5G network, It is believed that the brain starts responding to the chips with the help of the 5G making man to function like machine, 

Man won’t need to access search engines like google before they know,, because such things will be programmed into the microchip

The side effect of this chip working with 5G network in the body of man will result to unknown virus like covid-19 and many other unknown once that are yet to be known…and will be known once the chip and 5G is fully in use….

Source:- Opera News.

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