Schools In Lagos Debate On Resumption Date

Overview Of: Schools In Lagos Debate On Resumption Date


On March 18 2020, the Lagos State Government took the lead in ordering the shut down of all private and public schools within the state, to take effect from March 23. This was done in a bid to curtail the spread of the corona virus. This was succeeded by a national lockdown of all tertiary institutions by the National University Council. As a result of this, all activities of various schools, ranging from primary, secondary and university levels have been on a halt.

The Ministry of Education, Lagos State has also recently announced, in a form of warning, that all private schools within the state should shun the idea of resuming for the third term or academic session till the , is over.

Mrs Folasade Adefisayo, who is the state’s commissioner for education, made a public statement on Thursday, wherein she said that all private and public schools in the state would remain closed in order to protect pupils from the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The commissioner also stated the government would rather intensify the online tutorials that have been provided for pupils, than allow them resume school amidst the risk of contracting the virus.

She said, “The Ministry wishes to state categorically that all schools in Lagos State remain closed and have not yet been opened for the third term. The state continues to offer free teachings on various media, especially radio and television.”

She added that the government are making plans to ensure that students resume and complete their term once the lockdown is lifted.

The commissioner disclosed that some secondary schools have commenced the online tutorials, adding that some of these schools were charging full tuition fees while others made discounts in their charges. She advised proprietors of primary schools to follow suit in adopting the online tutorials method pending the determination of the lockdown.

She also suggested that private schools agreed on a scheme that would address the issues of paying of teachers who conducted the online tutorials and the inability of parents to pay their ward’s fees due to the non payment of salaries.

She said, “In view of the aforementioned, we ask that schools consult extensively with parents and find a win-win solution that will be acceptable to all stakeholders”

Published: 2 years ago

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