5 Countries Where Nigeria NAIRA Is Been Rated As Main

Overview Of: 5 Countries Where Nigeria NAIRA Is Been Rated As Main


Welcome to Nigeria, a land so prosperous, a land so blessed with many mineral resources and yet still suffers from a weak economy relative to other countries with lesser prosperity. Our currency, the Nigerian Naira is far too weak for a country our size. In comparison to the dollar, the Nigerian Naira is 360 Naira to 1 dollar.

With that dollar exchange rate, our currency is near valueless in many countries. However, our situation is better than many countries. In fact, many countries have a weaker currency than ours.

In descending order, these are five Countries where our Nigerian Naira will make you a king. Why? Because our Naira to their currency exchange rate is high.

1. Uganda

Located in the eastern part of the African continent, Uganda is a country, like many other African countries, rich in natural resources. However, their currency is one of the weakest in the world. Here (1 NGN = 9.89 UGX) the Nigeria naira to Ugandan Shillings is at a rate of one Nigerian Naira to Nine dot eight nine Ugandan Shillings. Although the standard of living here is quite expensive, drinking and food is unbelievably cheap in comparison.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia is a popular country. It relies on a tourism based economy. Ankorwat temples are the most famous things about Cambodia. Numbers the North side of 40 million tourists visit here every year. The economy of this country are dependent not only on tourism but also on the textile industry. One Nigeria Naira (1 NGN = 10.75 KHR) equals 10.75 Cambodians Riel.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia has about 13466 large and small island. Hence, it is a popular tourist destination. Here, the currency is low to the Nigerian Naira as one naira of our currency equals 38.68 Indonesian Rupiah.

4. Vietnam

In Vietnam, Buddhism is the main religion. Buddha was a really famous person here. In the Battle of Bach Dong River against China, he was victorious and separated Vietnam from China. On the popularity ladder, Vietnam is the 13th popular country(1 NGN = 60.94 VND). 1 Nigerian Naira equals 60.94 Vietnamese Dong as of today’s currency exchange market.

5. Sao Tome

If you are fond of eating and drinking, then Sao Tome your ideal tourist destination. From flowers to tall skyscrapers and palaces, a tourist would enjoy his/her time here. In Sao Tome, 1 Nigerian Naira equals 56.47 STD.

Published: 2 years ago

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