See the Richest Tribes in Nigeria

Overview Of: See the Richest Tribes in Nigeria

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Africans are generally seen as poor.

Far from that, some Nigerias have stupendous wealth.

Nigeria is truly blessed, the cumulative wealth of some Persons within just one tribe can survive this country for decades.

Let’s get to it,

1. The Yorubas

The Yorubas are ancestoraly from South Western Nigeria, they are one of the largest tribes in Nigeria. They are most educated Nigerians, are business moguls and political giants.

2. Housa/Fulani

Are the most populouse and politically dominant tribe in Nigeria. They are from northern Nigeria and chiefly agriculturalist and traders.

3. Igbo

The Igbos are from eastern Nigeria but are found spread all over the country doing what the are best known for – business.

They are industrouse, money minded and resourceful.

4. Ijaw

The Ijaws live in the river Delta region, they are stupendously rich with crude oil but mismanagement has prevented founds derived from it to uplift the Ijaw nation.

5. Tiv

Untill most recently, the Tivs were the fourth largest tribe in Nigeria, they are from the middle belt region of northern Nigeria and are mostly agriculturalist.

These aforementioned tribes have both wealthy individuals and collective wealth in their numbers and land.

These however do not mean this tribes do not have poor people.

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Published: 2 years ago

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