4 Business You Can Start With N40,000 The 3rd On The List Is Awesome

Overview Of: 4 Business You Can Start With N40,000 The 3rd On The List Is Awesome


In Nigeria, most people complain about the lack of start-up capital. Interestingly, the businesses they desire to start are very cost effective and when they don’t realize the necessary capital, they keep their ideas in hold.

Here are some businesses, that you can easily kick off, with less than 40k:

1. P.O.S Vending:

It is necessary to realize that for life and businesses to run successfully, money must always at hand. As such, money vendors will always be in hot demand. Hence, all you need to do is register with a bank, get purchase the P.O.S machine, for about #25,000(NGN) and have the bank give you some funds. All you need is a banner or flex, stating the presence of a P.O.S vendor, a good cover umbrella, table, chair and internet connection.

With these on ground, you will charge #50(NGN) for every withdrawals below #5,000 (NGN) and #100(NGN), for every withdrawals of #5000 and above.

2. Laundry Business:

You may not know this, but many people dislike washing their own clothes. Hence, they would gladly give you clothes to wash, if you can as and when due. All you need have is the skill of washing and a small drying machine, which goes for #17,000(NGN) and a place to use as your office space. You can even work from home.

3. Home Service Haircuts:

Many individuals, especially the elite, may not want to expose themselves and family to barbing saloons. Hence, you can leverage on this to start going to people’s homes to give them haircuts. Interestingly, all you need is a clipper(incase they don’t have their own) and your barber’s kit , as light will be provided for by your host. A good clipper ranges from between 5k-20k.

Even more, you may need to print your complementary card, for the purpose of advertisement. All of these won’t cost more than #25,000(NGN).

4. Home Schooling:

This one business venture that many individuals, may not have latched in on. As a matter of fact, many children need extra lessons, but their parents are apprehensive of leaving their children with teacher or individuals, in environments they may not be familiar with. Hence, parents will feel more comfortable to have tutors come to their houses and train their wards, under eagle-eyed supervision.

All you need as a tutor is the know-how and flyers, for advertisement purposes.

5. Frying Akara:

This may seem ‘beneath you’, untill you know how much the men and women in this business make, on a monthly basis. All you need is a gas cylinder or firewood as you choose, the ground beans, a deep-frying bowl, gallon of oil and beans.

Once you place this at a strategic location, of customers will begin to patronise. Interestingly, all of these costs less than 40k.

6. Sale of onions(retailing):

As we speak, a bag of onions costs about #23,000. Owing to how important onion is in every Nigerian meal, the demand for onions is inexhaustible!

All you need do is buy a bag of oinions from the north and resell, in bits and make three times the initial amount spent on one bag.

7. Puff-puff business:

You surely don’t need up to #30,000 to start preparing and selling puff-puff. The market is a ready market, as people must eat. In less than one month, you can easily make up to #200,000(after calculating cost of production).

8. Second-hand Clothing (Okirika) Business:

A lot of individuals, may not be buoyant enough to buy brand new clothing. As such, you can latch in on this to really make a lot of money.

Thankfully, you don’t need up to #15,000, to purchase a bale of fairly used clothes and resell at your desired price.

Published: 2 years ago

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