BBNAIJA Mercy And Tacha Finally Makes Peace

Overview Of: BBNAIJA Mercy And Tacha Finally Makes Peace

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In a not so surprising turn of event, show host, Ebuka introduced the past season’s most controversial

housemates- Mercy and Tacha .

As you may recall,

the former housemates and their teeming fan base have made little to no attempt to hide that there is no love lost between them. But for good old Big Brother’s sake, Mercy and Tacha tried to iron out their difference and the receipts will shock you!

Before the Infamous hair flip, the duo were ‘cool’
Tacha put conspiracy theorists to rest when she revealed on the show that before the disqualifying fight,

she had congratulated Mercy on securing immunity while they were both in the bathroom. Things however got heated after Cindy blew a careless statement she made out of proportion.

For the unfortunate incident,

Tacha admitted to letting her agitation from being up for possible eviction for the umpteenth time and at such a critical time in the game get to her.

Don’t believe everything you see on the Gram
Add Twitter to the mix! For the lot who would have sworn that the heads of the

Titans and Mercenaries are archenemies, episode 10 had some eye-opening revelation from the horses’ mouths.

Both Mercy and Tacha shared that their relationship was not as toxic as their fans made it out to be. Since the 2019 show,

the two had exchanged a few calls but primarily dealt with miscommunication which Tacha

claimed had very little to do with her including Mercy’s accusation that she trolled her one social media.

The juicy update is some Mercenaries have pulled up receipts of Tacha trolling Mercy.

The Ubi-fold Cord
At some point, the former housemates gave room for a conversation about the role popular record label boss, Ubi Franklin,

played in one of their many online rifts. Mercy explained the label boss tried to rope her into what she assumed was a sham makeup between her and Tacha.

A possible end to the Titan/Mercenary Feud?
Tacha and Mercy may be on the path to mending their relationship.

The episode ended with the duo admitting most of

the grey areas in their relationship existed due to miscommunication and that they were willing to actually finally bury the hatchet and look forward to a future of champagnes in the beach and a chance to live Tacha’s”

When women gather together, failure is impossible”mantra.

Published: 2 years ago

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