Some Top Footballers and The Mobile Phone They Use

Overview Of: Some Top Footballers and The Mobile Phone They Use


More visibly we only see Christiano Ronaldo striking with a bicycle kick and Lionel Messi taking a nutmeg pass defenders. We have however observed it will be nice to know the phones they use as well.

So we’ll go on a tour from England to Spain and across Italy to make this worthwhile.

1. Mesut Özil

The Arsenal player who has partially lost form this season hasn’t lost it on Instagram as he appears live with an iPhone 7

2. Mohammed Salah

Salah recently uploaded a video on his Facebook page which he opened a gift with an iPhone 6 in the video background.


3. Ryad Mahrez

Algerian forward and Manchester City forward Mahrez has been seen appearing in pictures with an iPhone. The star lost it against Chelsea but hasn’t lost his iPhone X.

4. Christiano Ronaldo

The Juventus footie star is not just a lover of beautiful women but beautiful phones as well and he recently launched his campaign for the nubia Z7T smart phone.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
1472817144_CR7 With nubia Smartphone.jpg

4. Neymar Jr

PSG and Brazilian forward Neymar received a present from the Golden company Concept while at Barcelona but well, he changed clubs who knows maybe he has changed his phone as well.

5. Paul Pogba

Manchester United midfielder Pogba who loves being almost on all social media platforms was pictured with an iPhone 6.


7. Robert Lewandowski

Bayern Munich flying striker Lewandowski actually owns a Huawei P10. Shouldn’t that be same with his jersey number? The star has got 10 million followers on his integram account.


8. Luis Suarez

The Uruguay and Barcelona striker uses an iPhone 6. He pretty much loves the bite isn’t it ?


9. Gianluigi Buffon

Former Jeventus goal keeper Buffon loves keeping it cool also with an iPhone as he appeared recently on an Instagram post with it.


10. Mario Gotze

The Germany star posted a selfie with an iPhone 6S plus with no controversy of a Nike shirt.


11. Arturo Vildal

He carries an “i” on his head…not to wonder he loves to carry an iPhone 6S as well.


12. Totti

This is one of the best selfies in world football right? The Roma star snapped this with a..how do pronounce it.. an Ion Cescques


13. David Beckham

The former Machester United and Real Madrid player currently has 43 million followers on his Instagram account. As he loves to show off, Beckham flaunts an iPhone 7 on many occasions.


It’s good to know you enjoy it but let’s stop for now. Please don’t forget to share.


Published: 2 years ago

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