SS3 Student Propose To His Biology Teacher

Overview Of: SS3 Student Propose To His Biology Teacher


The boy of 18 years old was usually concentrating on his teacher outlooks whenever she was in class instead of focusing on the lesson being taught, although the woman didn’t suspect any of her students to see her in that way.

The woman was charming and also very brilliant. She taught with demonstration and great facial expressions, which made her be to be admired by her students.

On a Friday afternoon, the weather was not as warm as usual, everywhere was cloudy and a bit humid. The school atmosphere appeared like there was going to be precipitation. The students were already feeling cold, so they all rushed to their class rooms for warmth.

Soon afterward, the beautiful teacher walked into their class and saw everyone shivering and staying close to one another in order to generate heat. She couldn’t say anything as regards to their situation because she only came to deliver a take-home assignment to them for the weekend, which was the last assignment they had to work on for the semester before the commencement of their final year exam.

The 18-year-old boy looked directly into the eyes of his biology teacher and smiled calmly. The woman looked at him surprisingly and remained composed as he was only a boy. The woman called on the students to listen and write down the assignment, which she expected them to submit first-thing on Monday morning. She said, “Good afternoon class, as you all know that your final year exam is near, I have an assignment on the last topic we treated yesterday, which is, ‘Draw and label with explanation, the internal structures of the heart,’ and you all must submit your work on the first day of next week to me.” After she made the announcement, she left.

When the teacher left, the boy told his friends about his plans. He said to them that this is a clean opportunity to tell his female teacher how he feels about her. His friends were quite surprised about his declaration and wondered what his plans could be. He further said that he was going to write a proposal letter to her teacher and insert it into his assignment worksheet so that his teacher would find it while she is marking his paper.

His friends thought it to be a great idea and encouraged him to push through with his plans.

On a Sunday evening, the boy finished his assignment and with a detailed explanation.

He later drafted the letter with all the beautiful and fancy words he could think of. He was over-excited with how sweet the letter sounded to him as he reread it for corrections.

He went outside and bought a white envelope and inserted the letter in it, he then put the envelope inside his assignment sheet as he explained to his friends.

Despite that he was glad to do everything perfectly, inside him;

he was a little bit panicking. His thoughts were mixed between facing the disciplinary panel and receiving nice feedback from his teacher.

The following day being Monday, he dressed for school and set off to take the bull by its horn.

When he arrived at school, he submitted his homework and told his friends about everything. They were all waiting to hear from the beautiful woman.

Their interest deviated completely from what the woman was going to score them to what shall become of their friend when she finishes marking the sheets.

Fortunately for the guy, he scored 70/100. The woman was shocked to see the piece in the middle of the boy’s assignment, she know him as an intelligent student which he had proved in his well-drafted letter and score.

The woman smiled at reading the letter and decided to invite the boy to her office.

When school was over, everyone had almost gone.

The boy wasn’t in a haste to return home as he was waiting to see his teacher’s actions;

he didn’t know that the teacher too was waiting for the school environment to be peaceful before she told him to come to his office.

The-18-year-old boy’s friends hung around to see the end of the story.

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