We imagine that if you are reading these lines you like to travel or you are about to enter the addictive world of packing and choosing a destination without hesitation. Traveling for us is the best investment you can make for yourself and your future. It doesn’t matter if it’s Canada , New Zealand or another destination.

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In addition to knowing incredible places that will be recorded on your retina forever, there are many people who will cross your path that will have something to teach you. A lot more interesting things will happen to you than if you stay on the sofa at home!

To take the step in this travel, not only have to have determination but go with an open mind to receive everything that is to come. Today we want to give you some travel recommendations , based on our experience, which we hope you find useful. Are you ready? There they go!

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The preparations

If there is a stage of the trip full of illusion, this is it. Once you have chosen your destination , you will begin to compulsively search for information about the place you want to go and everything will be smiles in front of the computer while you look at where you will spend your vacation or a season of your life. We know! We all go through that, but here we leave you some aspects that you should keep in mind so you don’t get your smile off your face:

  1. Very important! Check the expiration date of your passport! If you have this advice in mind you can save yourself from ruining that trip you have been thinking about so much. The vast majority of countries around the world require, at a minimum, that your passport be valid for more than 6 months . So, if you have to travel and your passport is less than 24 weeks old, go running to renew it !, otherwise they may deny you entry into the country you are going to.
  2. Pack your bag like a pro . We know that the first suitcase or backpack that you make will not be perfect, but the habit makes the monk, do not worry! By the third or fourth time you prepare to travel you will have learned to take advantage of the last corner of your backpack. One technique with which you can maximize the available space is by folding your pieces of clothing as if they were rolls. Try and tell us how is it!
  3. Take photos of your important documents and take them on your mobile . In the hypothetical case that your wallet with all your documents is lost, at least you will have proof to identify yourself and save the situation in the best possible way.

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During the trip

  1. Do not wear many jewelry or accessories while traveling . This will save you a lot of time on airport security checks. You cannot be continuously passing the controls dressed full of accessories, as if you were a Christmas tree. To travel, less is more. The fewer things you have to get rid of better . Forget about belts that can make alarms go off!
  2. Take some interesting book. If you are going to take a long flight in which you have to spend several hours inside the plane, one of the best ways to avoid the need to keep looking at the clock is a good book. If you are more to talk than to read, you can always bring up the subject next to you. If you go alone, you will surely love being able to talk to someone. You will discover stories that will surprise you!
  3. Travel with a credit card. On many occasions, the change offered by the banks to pay by card goes more into account than the money they are going to give you at a local exchange of destination . We must warn you that this is not always true, but it is usually so. The most sensible thing would be to consult the conditions with your bank before your departure.

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Upon arrival

  1. Be respectful of the customs of the place. Remember that you are a kind of guest in a foreign land, so wherever you go do what you see! In addition to respecting the culture you visit and adapting to their codes of behavior, it doesn’t hurt to inform you about things that are legal or not. If you travel through Asia, Africa or the Middle East you will discover how different customs and life approaches can be. You will freak out!
  2. Avoid thefts or scams. A cautious person is worth two! It is very likely that most people who cross your path will be adorable, but there will always be some other person that you will have to avoid. If you have done your homework and have informed yourself about your destination, do not forget to take a look at what are the most common scams that tourists or newcomers suffer. You will save yourself unnecessary trouble! For this, Facebook groups of your nationality in the destination city are usually very useful. There, the compatriots share advice, warn of scams or recommend places to visit.
  3. Mix with local people. The best way to soak up the local culture of the place you visit is through its people. If you have moved to a country where they speak English and you do not control the language well, a good excuse to meet local people is to place an ad to make a swap language or language exchange. For example, “my Spanish for your English.” These ads are very common on the boards of universities or study centers. If you are visiting a country where you cannot even articulate a sentence in the language of the place, it is best to hire a local guide. It is usually an enriching and quite affordable experience. The guide will show you the corners that people who live there frequent!

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If after this, you have been wanting more travel recommendations, contact us! If you tell us what you are looking for, we will design an experience to suit you!

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Published: 2 years ago

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