JEBBA YOUTH PROGRESSIVE MINDS – J.Y.P.MJEBBA YOUTH PROGRESSIVE MINDS A.K.A JYPM is a political platform under one of the most powerful party in Nigeria if not the most powerful and influential amongst hundreds.PDP which was found 22 years old, is no doubt an exemplary for other young and yet to born parties to follow. It is a great and marvelous thing, an association as that of JEBBA YOUTH PROGRESSIVE MINDS are under this great party.This party is located at Jebba in kwara state and that’s the reason it has a name relating to it root.The party is filled with young and vibrant young men and women who are still in their youth. The main purpose of establishing this party, is to foster and take the society to it next level.Nevertheless, the party has mindset of elevating the people of kwara state, most especially those in Jebba community.The founder of the organization A.k.A undefeated plenty is an icon to watch out for in the coming years.

The founder of JEBBA YOUTH PROGRESSIVE MINDS The party, J.Y.P.M was founded by a young man named Comrade Mohammed Hassan A.K.A undefeated plenty. Comrade Mohammed Saleh Hassan is a great activist that fights for justice and human right, his main objective is to see Nigerians living in peace and unity. In his speech during the establishment of their Party, he ascertained”Peace and unity has just began, I wish everyone in the society especially those in our community can come collective while we make a better society”We therefore believe so much in what this party has in store for the people and seeing that they are from the party of “power to the people”,. I believe they will give power to the people too and not abuse this power like some of our old leaders.

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