Top 10 Slangs From Erigga ( Erigga Once Said )

Overview Of: Top 10 Slangs From Erigga ( Erigga Once Said )

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Few of his slangs are

15. If trust dey, water no go fit dey cook fish.

14. Idle mind dey opposite devil workshop I no fit be apprentice,

I get work to chop I no dey proud about am, but wetin man go do.

13. Who naked no chuck hand for pocket

12. Na feel at home make visitor go spoil remote.

11. No food for Lazy man,

no be pikin wey him Mama get restaurant O

10. Maths uncle tell the full class say me i nor get head,

jam am for shoprite yesterday the guy self nor get bread

9. Money long jaga jaga like iroko tree

8. Condine for my red cup nor disturb my network,

i dey chill with this fine girl,

i just dey give her bedtalk,

i put am for her body make she sit down like GODword,

but she nor dey gree,

she dey tell me erigga talkword,i know say you nor love me,you just wan use me count scores,she use my music judge me oh no,

baby that hurt’s,i just wan introduce you to good things and soft life,by this time next year,you go don dey with one survive

7. don high to the point say my heart d FLY

Anytime I see mopo take gun face SKY, cos anything make am shoot I fit Fall down DIE

I no y. Maybe na because I too FLY.

6. You say you be g-boy but na when you pick last,

because since i know nahim you don dey wear this your sneaker’s,

you never make 1naira wey men dey hate,hate wetin who get that time to waste,

if you put ur body for ground GOD go lift you up,but if you show yourself for the street men go stitch up,

put the kala for your mouth like mr biggs toothpick,

when we dey hang your girl like clothes wey they boutique.

5. Love ur neighbor as yourself

but I wan take know.

When I don use dat part of my Bible take blow gbo

4. Base on the street boy wey i be i nor dey form am,igbo wey they nor wrap well how them wan take burn am.

3. I fly pass bini witch wey dey go meeting

2. 2 seconds everywhere don burst(created by Erigga not Wizkid)

1. All wetin dey take stone me I use am build carrier con build barrier incase dey won come remove me

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