Nigerian Varsities To Remain Close Indefinitely

Nigerian Varsities To Remain Close Indefinitely

The Federal Government has declared that tertiary institutions would remain under lock indefinitely

to protect students and lecturers from contracting coronavirus in the country.

It said that the continued closure was due to indices emanating from various parts of the country which shows that

Nigeria was yet to flattened coronavirus curve and cannot relax measures introduced to curb community transmission of the disease.

According to the government, the school would only be reopened when coronavirus cases subside and

everyone visiting the school premises could be guaranteed safety of their health.

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  1. See am ooooo nh swear remaining like this when ss3 students dey go school because of thier future
    Shey nh we no get future abi them dey Wyhn us any how still we are older than the secondary school students and dey think say we no get sense to cope 🤧🤧🤧

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