Despite Being Declared Winner, Check Out Why Obaseki Might Be Sacked By Supreme Court

According to the Supreme Court Justices, The law forbids anyone to contest for nomination under two or more parties in same election or even started the process of being nominated by procuring the nomination form.

Obaseki had contested for nomination under APC and PDP in this same Edo 2020 Gubernatorial Election. He is technically on OFFSIDE position of play.

If the APC choses to challenge his election at the court of law, The supreme court might sack him citing Uche Nwosu’s case as reference.

In line with Supreme court judgment and interpretation of contest of primary election in a political party according to electoral law:

1. When an aspirant obtain an expression of interest form and paid the fees as required by the party.

2. When an aspirant obtain the party nomination form and pay the required fees by the party.

3. When the aspirant submit himself or herself to the authority of the party for screening and other processes thereafter, the aspirant is deemed

to have contested in that political party and therefore not eligible to contest same election in another political party. 


 ROPC 2020

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