[music] Jayvoice – life (+lyrics)

Overview Of: [music] Jayvoice – life (+lyrics)


The vision is blurry My heart is bleeding
My body is Shaking Pain is what am feeling
Set the path to Healing Cos the faith is failing
The wall is shaking And the soul is loosing


My whole life is a game
Either I loose or I win
My day full of pain
And my night full of race
Tryna put smile on my face
Deep in me I know it fake
No hope, never see sign of faith

See the shit that am in to
life that am in to
Life doesn’t give the best
Only want the best of you

Poor man in the rain
And the rich in the range
Kinda look like fate
What should I say

One thing I fear
Is the man In the mirror
man in the middle
man at the top
And man at the bottom

I was born broke
Don’t wanna die broke

Yeah its a sunny day l
Already waiting for the rain
So these pains will fade away
And the man go down just to praise


Published: 1 year ago

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