Article: FASHION OF SHOES ( Written by Aderibigbe Oluwatobi Samuel)

Overview Of: Article: FASHION OF SHOES ( Written by Aderibigbe Oluwatobi Samuel)



When we talk about shoes what actually comes to your mind? I guess I know right just normal leg coverings that we all wear to hold and fit into our feet.
Let’s go into the modern day shoes, in today fashion of shoes, world shoes are what you actually need, like I mean what are very versatile the most , unless you don’t actually want to go out, so it’s likely you wear shoes everyday of life . This brings about different designers of shoes coming together and designing shoe with the help of ERGONOMIC SCIENCE, shoes worn to fit perfectly well for human so as not to cause blister or injury to the feet.
In today worlds as well different shoes have been crafted and designed for different event such as wedding or banquet type of ceremonies and other casual ceremonies. Let’s get down to the shoes we actually wear.
The HIGH HEELED SHOES make a grand return. Most women will wear them to complement their dresses. They will either match or contrast with the dress that they have chosen to wear. High heeled shoes are often designed having a long or short curved peg to allow the sitting of the talocural joint perfectly known as the ankle joint which houses our heel, this allows it to sit perfectly so as not to allow slipping.
TENNIS SHOES are those kind of shoes which are worn, when we do sporting activities like jogging and cycling, some other time they are worn on casual dress and when doing shopping or house chores. These shoes provide comfort and protection to the feet. If a woman is working in the yard or playing a game the tennis shoes will protect her feet while keeping them comfortable.
SANDALS which we all better know as slides or palm slippers are better worn during the summer when you are off work , it gives a good soothing to the feet and best expose and show off a woman feet that is nicely pedicured. One of the health benefit of sandals is that it helps patient having a type 2 diabetics by preventing the leg from decaying. So this type of shoes are very essential in everyday life.
In complete contrast BOOTS of all sizes make a statement during the cold months. Boots that are tall can be worn with mid-length skirts to show off the style of the boot. Recently those that prefer chelsea boots are beginning to wear their jeans inside the boots. Again, this shows off the style of the boot, while short boots can also brings in some classy
Forget not COVER SHOE for men which comes in various types be it loafers, Oxford shoes, brogues and derby shoes all this shoes are what makes a man , imagine being in a great outfit of different color and isn’t complete with this types of shoes, all you have to just do is go back inside and forget the outing- funny right?
“If the shoe fit, buy it in every color- Jerry smith” so what do we say buy shoes in all color and different forms
Shoes are the defining piece that creates a style. They make a statement and add function to fashion. They can make your feet feel like their floating in the clouds or they can put a punch line on a flashy number. Style is defined by every piece of the outfit including the shoes.

Written by Aderibigbe Oluwatobi Samuel CEO Toberi Footwear’s)

Published: 6 months ago

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