Article : THE LOVING MAN ( Written by Aderibigbe Oluwatobi Samuel )

Overview Of: Article : THE LOVING MAN ( Written by Aderibigbe Oluwatobi Samuel )



The word man is use everyday in every section of life , which means this word isn’t new to us and everyone is familiar to what it means. However have you ever wondered who a loving man is? Let’s give it a go and let’s share his attributes here
A man than doesn’t thinks of himself alone- who is said to be this man? This is the man that takes and think of people around him as his priority he doesn’t just think of himself alone but people around him, he gives in the best to them.
A man who is not there to satisfy but make others better- this is actually one of the good attributes. He wouldn’t satisfy you on any occasion but rather gives you that thing that would make you be a better version of yourself and keeps you in shape
A man of his word- this man is subdue to control situations around him with just one word , this man is Alpha ,is yes are his yes and is No are his no , he his just too transparent and he makes people to feel what he does.
He awakens your inner man- a loving man doesn’t just stay gentle , this men are quick, fast, vibrant, furious and are men of valor they sharpen you and cause you to do the right thing at the right time even when it isn’t convenient and most especially they make you Yield rewards in all this effort because they never slug off in all their doings
Irrespective of this every one needs this kind of man in his society, home, all religious organization, all leadership stages of life and all organizations, nevertheless this men stands out and makes people feel them.

So I guess now we can actually identify and know who this man is in our Society.

Written by Aderibigbe Oluwatobi Samuel )

Published: 6 months ago

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